How to burn Resin Incense

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To start with, I love burning incenses of all forms. There are so many different varieties and some of my favorites are Nag Champa and Scent of Samadhi. Nag Champa is available just about anywhere and I have ordered Scent of Samadhi from here before:

   And then there are resins which are derived from plants, primarily trees. I love using frankincense resins placed on a charcoal disc. The ceremony of burning the resins puts me in a space of sacredness and of course makes my environment smell divinely wonderful.
   While I was visiting my hometown in Germany several years ago, my best friend Tine and I went to one of my favorite places near where I grew up. It is called Vierzehnheiligen, a beautiful cathedral that exudes such sacredness and sense of expansiveness.
   Outside of the cathedral they are little stands with people selling all kinds of souvenirs and among them resins of different kinds. I bought a little bag back then with resins called Lourdes gold and brought them back home to the US.
   After burning them in my home, I was hooked. Their smell takes me right back to this beautiful cathedral and sacred energies.
   My search for importing Lourdes gold began and I found a source from Germany. I started sharing them with friends and they immediately loved them just as much as I did.

We now sell Lourdes gold in small bags that I prepare at Holistic Health Center here in Clarksville Tennessee.
If you like to learn how to burn resin incense, you can find the instructions here.

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