Full Moon January 31st 2018

As I am posting this here it is Wednesday morning. The quality of the energy today is sensational! We have sunshine here in Tennessee today and my Crystals are out today! Give yourself a moment today to inhale and absorb the light and quality of this beautiful day. So, here is my post from my Facebook page from last night. Enjoy:

Remember, the full moon is officially tomorrow morning, the 31st at 7:27am CST! This full moon is a blue moon, as it is the second full moon of the month. It is also a super moon, closer to earth, and there will be a total lunar eclipse, (which begins at 4:51am) on the 31st at 7:29am CST.

This is the culmination of our creative ideas and projections coming together.

The intense energies of this moon invite us to connect inward, meditate and spend some time reflecting on our visions and dreams as this manifestation cycle for January comes to a natural completion.

If you have any Crystals and Gemstones I suggest you take them out tonight, take a glass bottle filled with water outside and let it charge in the moonlight! You can use this water as a daily elixir to enhance your energy level throughout the month of February.

I will be doing another fb live card reveal at 6pm CST inside my FREE fb group for women, Silke's Art community tomorrow evening, a feature I do every Wednesday inside the group.

So, if you have not joined yet, here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/169219286994412/

I will post the cards for you tomorrow morning around 9am here as well, but the reveal is inside my private Facebook group only.

love, Silke

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