What Is a Reiki Attunement Like?

My Attunement Experience:

At first, I will admit I was a bit nervous, as I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Of course, I did research, and Silke explained what may happen, but the experience is unique per individual. For me, it was emotional. The attunement itself was brief, but what I experienced, I will cherish for the rest of my life. As soon as I felt Silke’s touch, I instantly felt relief from fear and anxiety. In the darkness of having my eyes closed, I did witness movement of light shifting from side to side. There was also a slight ringing in my ears. Upon completion, I did feel very emotional, and was slightly teary-eyed. Silke openly expressed that she could sense darkness deep within me, but would transform to light as I progress through my Reiki journey. As I’m writing this, I feel very attentive, and elated. There’s truly nowhere I’d rather be in this moment.
— Derek Coon

So, what is it like to live in the world of Reiki?

What does an attunement feel and look like? What is all of this about?

When I was growing up, I remember my parents and I were watching a show which had these dancers in it with elaborate beautiful flowing gowns on a black and white TV. But since we were viewing it in black and white, it all just paled in comparison to the true reality, and I remember my dad saying that we will soon get a color TV and how beautiful everything will look then, and it sure did!  I remember being in awe of the bright, vivid colors displayed on the screen of our new TV, and how it heightened my senses!

 Now, of course, with HDTV and even more advances, even THAT pales in comparison.
The story I just described to you probably comes the closest to explaining how vibrant my world became during and after the first Reiki attunement I ever received. It felt like someone had just turned on the light switch; like I had lived in this unconscious paleness, and all of a sudden my world--its colors, sounds, smells and feelings--ALL my senses sprang to life, and my world has never been the same since!

Once someone is attuned to Reiki, it will remain active for the rest of one's life; and that life is forever changed and enriched by the vibrancy of this beautiful Energy. Being in the vibration of this Universal Life Energy is like coming HOME.

Since becoming an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher in 2005 and having received countless attunements myself, it became important to me to transfer the beautiful healing Energy and vibration that Reiki embodies in the most sacred ways.

Over the many years of initiating others, I have developed my own method for attunements.
The way I was taught originally was to have all students seated on chairs in one room and attuning them one right after the other without a break or individual attention, and this always felt ‘off’ to me.

After all, this is a rite of passage and I wanted to honor this by spending time with each person individually for his/her attunement, sharing this precious moment--just me and him/her. So, I created my own attunement process for my clients.

Days in advance of an attunement session, I prepare an oil for anointing which I use during the attunements as I energetically open all the individual’s primary chakras to this Sacred Energy. This has become my tradition, and to me this is such a holy experience to have the honor of aligning someone’s Energy Field to this flow of Universal Life Energy. What a humbling experience to share this moment with someone in respect and equal admiration!

I would like to share a note from one of my students Cindy Fox, as she expressed her experience during one of her attunements with me:

My day began dreary, with rain, and I had a headache.
Sitting with my eyes closed during the attunement, I suddenly saw with my mind’s eye that I was surrounded with a beautiful yellow glow like the sun was shining down all around me.
I felt tingly and light where the oil had been placed with Energy flowing into me through those areas.
I remember smiling and being happy. I wanted to dance with joy.
Afterward, sitting quietly, I felt waves of warmth and love washing over me - like being cradled - hugged. Such a beautiful, rewarding experience!
— Cindy Fox

And Petra Kela, who took all her training with me and is now a Reiki Master, herself, wrote:

Reiki changed my life! It made me realize that Energy work is possible and true.
I had one experience where I saw light and color coming from above toward me, in a room with no other light source interfering. It was amazing! I use Reiki at night if I can not fall asleep and it works every time. Silke Tyler is a wonderful teacher who introduced me to Reiki, got me interested in it and now I want to learn even more about it!
— Petra Kela

Whether or not learning the Art of Reiki is something you are considering, I would like to make a point here about how vitally beneficial it can be for anyone to experience a Reiki attunement, as healing always begins with self first, then one’s family, and then others. It is a ripple effect moving out from your vibrational field as you shift yourself into a higher and more positive state of being, and then giving you the ability to support and heal others from there!

Even though this Energy is accessible to all of us, it seems that only a small percentage of people feel called to the path of becoming a Reiki Healer. However, I hope my explanation of its potential in your life helps to dispel the belief that learning Reiki Healing is for select individuals.  It is for ALL of us, if we choose to step into that experience!!

It is also a misconception that everyone who learns Reiki needs to apply it in the form of having an established ‘healing practice’ in an office. There are many ways in which one can be of service and benefit in the lives of others using the knowledge of Reiki.

My intention in offering Reiki classes is to help you connect with this beautiful Universal Life Energy on a personal level upon which you can EXPAND and THRIVE and share that with others!  I do this best by keeping the class size for Reiki training small so as to give each person individual attention and allow for the group to form a connection.
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The sacred tradition of opening the Energy Field to Reiki

The sacred tradition of opening the Energy Field to Reiki

I have taken Reiki 1 classes four times with four different teachers.
I took it for the fifth time with Silke Tyler. Wow!!!! What an amazing and transformative experience! The information is thorough and well structured. What impressed me the most is how dynamic the class is. There is never a dull moment! It was layered with healing modalities of crystal healing, flower essences, essential oils, and discussions of what chakras are and how to maintain their natural balance. Silke does not just teach Reiki, she guides you through a journey of self awareness and empowerment! She teaches the art of self-healing! It was such an honor to take this class! It has given me tools that I can use for a lifetime! Silke is well informed and fully present with you throughout your entire experience, offering insights and tools to help you on your individual journey—providing guidance for deeper awareness and more meaningful self-care! I highly recommend Silke’s Reiki classes and Reiki sessions, and I look forward to continuing my Energy courses and healing with her!
— Lindy Leeper

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