Our Reality through the Quantum Field


Do you believe that your future is set? That your destiny is already decided? Or do you believe that you have influence over the outcomes throughout your life?

This is a subject that recently came up during my Archangels of the Elements class as one of my students was asking this very same question. It is also something that I have heard addressed by my clients in relation to readings that they had, or sometimes even worrisome projections that have been done for them toward foreseeing the future, from others.

I also once received an email from one of my clients where she was concerned about her son's future after she’d had a consultation with someone who told her that her son's future did not look very good. This came after I had been working with her and her son for a while and we had been seeing wonderful progress. This new assessment, of course, put her in a tailspin of worry and depression, as she and her son had already been through so much together. To calm and encourage her, as well as to answer my students’ queries, I shared the same perspective I would like to explore here.

A Quantum Perspective

From my perspective as not only a hypnotherapist, who facilitates past-life regression and future progression, but also as an avid student of the Tarot for over 30 years, I want to approach this subject from a quantum view.

In the realm of this Quantum Field that encompasses everything, all possibilities and alternate realities exist simultaneously at all times. Ever since the double slit experiment, we now know that a wave of potential exists until it is observed.

In the Seth books by Jane Roberts, Seth explains how every decision we make creates a new reality, and all alternate realities exist, in potential, at the same time. When we wrap our head around this idea, it suggests that, for every path we choose, there is an alternate path that exists in a different dimension.

So, let's go back to the Tarot for a moment. Through my extensive studies and in using the Tarot as a tool of divination for myself and others, I find that a path of deep exploration is honored. It is a tool which taps into our unconscious and allows that which already lies within us and around us to come to the surface. In my view, it is much less a tool to predict the future as it is a tool of connecting to ourselves, our hidden dimensions, as connecting with the cards opens up our intuition, to be able to discern possible futures and the path we want to choose for ourselves. The Tarot can be used as a beautiful companion to tap into our intuition.

So, what are we looking at when we look at the future? We look at different paths, different possibilities and within them the most likely path that is laid out in front of us if we choose to continue on the trajectory we are on.

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Once we develop a quantum view and can look at everything from a perspective of higher consciousness, we can then begin to discern which path we want to choose to travel in any given situation as well as through our life. In Sacred Geometry, the Dodecahedron teaches us that there are 12 possibilities we can look at in any moment and it is up to us to pick the ones we want to follow and work in harmony with as we carve a higher path for ourselves.

Dream the dream of your life and fulfill the highest and truest expression of yourself.
— Silke Tyler

This higher path is guided by the higher power within and outside of us, that Source Energy we come from and return to, which is always connected to us, no matter what. And as we develop our intuition in connection, we also have to make room and allow ourselves to surrender and trust. This helps us to see those possibilities more clearly and allows us to make better decisions about our lives and future possibilities.

The ‘Secret’ of the Law of Attraction

Of course, ever since “The Secret” informed us about the Law of Attraction, originating from the Abraham Hicks teachings, and going further back to Seth, Napoleon Hill, and others, we learned that our thoughts set our future in motion. What the secret didn't tell us, but what is most important, is how this is connected to our vibration. What we choose to look at and place our focus on will become the dominant vibration, which then directs our path toward our future.

The vibrations we hold in our energy set the reality around us in motion. As we choose the best possible version of life paths for ourselves and feel the energy behind them, we can then move and direct our reality to those higher possibilities and outcomes.

Shine like the universe is yours.
— Rumi

This is how we transform our life and begin to work within the realm of magic and miracles as what started out as just a possibility now becomes a very real outcome.

Finally, from my perspective as an Energy Healer, I cannot dismiss the point of how important it is that we understand that our unconscious beliefs about ourselves influence a big part of our reality, and healing old trauma and wounds is a vital step in being able to hold a high vibration throughout our days and manifest a positive, abundant life.

We are always influenced by the trials and tribulations that guide us through our life, as well as within the bigger scope of endless lifetimes that weave and shape our spirit. The decisions we make on a daily basis come from the deep-rooted place of unconscious beliefs which can be altered when we take some time to address them with healing methods that get to the root of the beliefs.


You are consciousness. And consciousness streams through you at all times as you are being guided by thoughts and in connection with an energy that is much wiser than any of us. Allow yourself to surrender, as you check-in with your thoughts for your future.

Maybe notice where you hold limiting beliefs that are not allowing you to move forward. Start streaming and imagining what the best possible versions of your future could look like and find the evidence in your current life which already supports your knowledge of well-being and abundance, even if it is only represented in some elements in your current life experience. And take a moment to enjoy being immersed within the flow of that wellness. As you observe and experience it, it expands outward into more aspects and creates a ripple effect of goodness.

I don’t live in either my past or my future. I’m interested only in the present. If you can concentrate always on the present, you’ll be a happy man. Life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we’re living now.
— Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

When you begin to look for the magic and miracles which are already present In the small, and larger, spaces of your life, it opens the door to the possibilities of the magnificence of what can be.

Journaling and the Law of Attraction

I want to encourage you to take a moment for journaling today, and I’ve shared some prompts for inspiration, below.

As you sit quietly with a pen and paper or your journal in hand, tune inward from a place of non-judgment and compassion and then gain perspective on these questions:

  • How do you filter the information coming in?

  • What influences do you allow into your experience which do not serve you at your highest?

  • What nourishes you and makes you happy from a truly internal perspective?

  • What makes you thrive externally?

In doing this contemplative journaling, you are, in essence, lighting up the road to where you want to be and then you are empowered to follow it like a beacon to the light as it is within your grasp. This is your birthright just by virtue of you coming here and your choosing to incarnate in order to grow and learn and contribute. In fact, the path is already completed for you!

Nothing really exists, it is all made up, and it is all real within the realms of our imagination.
— Silke Tyler

Sometimes just a simple mind shift will make big differences in daily moments and then these transfer to bigger aspects in your life.

And to conclude this, I will reference here what I told my students in my Shamanic Journeying class recently, as they were getting ready to journey to the Upper World: ‘Nothing really exists, it is all made up, and it is all real within the realms of our imagination!’

That’s a subject for another time. . .

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