Energize and Improve your business with an energetic consultation

 Complete Energetic Consultations for Businesses

start at $670

Complete energetic consultation for your business. We will discuss your goals and assess how to shift all important aspects of your business to reach them. This always includes any clearing and space setting and many additional aspects unique to your situation and business. Cost and time needed will vary depending on your business situation. Consultations require a minimum of 4 hours.


New Business blessing

2 hours $320

Purifying, enhancing and blessing your new business space for optimum success.


General Business energy clearing

2 hours $320

Assessing, purifying and enhancing the energies in your business space.


Feng Shui

2 hours $340

Setting and enhancing your business space for optimum flow of chi. There will be suggestions given for placements of objects and space design as well as specifics for your business.


Spirit and Entity Release

2 hours $390

Assessing the energies in your business. Energetically clearing stagnant or trapped energy and if required, guide Spirits and Entities home.


Quartz crystals

Additional information:

Prices include travel within a 30 mile radius of area code 37191. A travel fee applies to any session greater than 30 miles outside of area code at $1.50 per mile round trip.  Maximum travel of 80 miles.