Free Crystal Grid Pattern

Enjoy this free crystal grid pattern; I created it within the pattern of sacred geometry. It is the pattern of the Star of David formed out of the flower of life, the sacred blueprint from which all life in our physical reality is created.

Silke's Art-Crystal Grid

For this type of grid, there is one central crystal which emanates the dominant energy being projected outward, and six crystal points pointing out to support and complete the grid with one clear quartz crystal point that acts as the activator to make a total of 8 crystals.

To activate your grid, you will clear and charge all the crystals.  To clear most of my crystals, I like to rinse them under water in my bathroom sink. To charge them, you can either place them in the sun for up to two hours, or charge them in the moonlight on a full moon.

Next, connect from your heart with your crystals and and take a minute to truly feel their essence. They each already have unique gifts for you, and your only job is to place them on the grid at this time following the instructions below.

Start first by placing your central crystal in the middle of the grid, connecting it with the purpose of your grid by envision the goal you are wanting to achieve as you place it. Place the other six crystals around the central one in the order indicated by the numbers on the grid diagram, i.e. beginning with number 1 to number 6.

Take your one clear quartz crystal activator point in your hand with the point facing down, and charge your grid by holding the crystal about 2 inches over the grid while moving it from point #1 to point #6--essentially tracing the pattern.  As you trace the pattern, say, “I charge this grid with love and light” and do this for a total of three times.

Your grid is now ready to go! 

I recommend that you clear and charge your crystals about once a month as described above, and then repeat the process of charging your grid.

Best wishes,