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Learn the

healing Art of Reiki

with Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Silke Tyler

In Clarksville TN

Reiki, which means Universal Life Energy, was discovered and developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1922 while on a 21 day retreat at Mt. Kurama, Japan. A great and powerful spiritual light entered the top of his head and he had an enlightening experience.
Becoming attuned to Reiki is an initiation into the beautiful frequency of the universal life force or Ki that is always present and to which we always have access. Everything that has life has Ki. There are many different ways of accessing this energy and one path is through an attunement, The person who is attuned to Reiki has had his/her body’s energy channels opened and cleared and is connected to source energy. This now allows the person to receive an increase in Ki for his/her own healing as well as assisting the healing of others.

Students experience different sensations during the attunement process and there are as many different experiences as there are students. From the first moment after completing the attunement the energy will be available whenever the person connects with the healing energy by intending for it to flow. To learn more about what an attunement is like, click here.

The path to Reiki Master begins with Reiki 1 class, during which the students will receive their first attunement and learn how to heal themselves and others through traditional Japanese and other techniques. Upon completion of the first Degree Reiki training the student will be a certified Reiki 1 practitioner. The first Degree Reiki training can be followed 3 months later with the second Degree or Reiki 2 training, where the student is introduced and attuned to the Reiki 2 symbols which have specific frequencies and uses. This enables the Reiki 2 practitioner to send healing long distance among other things. Each attunement and level raises the vibration of the person and prepares their energy field for Reiki Master. It is a sacred journey of self discovery and healing in order to assist others on their path.

Silke is an amazing teacher. If you have wondered about it . . . take her course!
— Shelby Logsdon
I’m so glad I found you over a year ago and signed up and took your Reiki 1 class then. It was truly my best decision ever for my self-care step in life. Definitely worth it.
It’s made such a big difference in my life.
— Karen Felker Williams
  • My Reiki training with Silke was amazing. Quite possibly one of the most life changing and growing experiences I have experienced. I use reiki every day and my passion really lies with animals. I could not have asked for a more knowledgeable or compassionate teacher. I’m so glad our paths crossed!
    — Andria Channels, Reiki Master
  • An effulgent experience beyond measure. You leave filled with light. Very emotional the Reiki Training teaches you how to embrace your light and use it to help others. Silke Tyler is an honor to work with, she is authentic, dedicated, and sincere. We laughed, we loved, we healed. It was amazing and I highly recommend anyone want to learn Reiki learn it from a true master such as Silke.
    — Charneva McKeller
  • I had the most transformational experience this weekend!! I came for my Reiki 1 practitioner training and received amazing energy work, shared wonderful food, and met some incredible people. Just before receiving my attunement, I meditated in the enchanted bamboo forest. Normally I travel to ashrams and temples in other countries, but this time I received just as powerful of an experience right here in Tennessee. Although it feels like I just got back from a retreat! Thank you for such a beautiful, life changing event.
    — Magdalena Moore, Lmt
  • I recently took the level 1 reiki class and loved the experience! The attunement has shifted so much in my life including my interaction (patience) with my children and my work as a massage therapist. I am so much more grounded and my intuition is tapped in and tuned up!
    — Katie Slachciak, Lmt

Silke's Art Reiki 1 April17-1-2.jpg
Reiki changed my life! It made me realize that energy work is possible and true.
I had one experience where I saw light and color coming from above toward me, in a room with no other light source interfering. It was amazing! I use Reiki at night if I can not fall asleep and it works every time. Silke Tyler is a wonderful teacher who introduced me to Reiki, got me interested in it and now I want to learn even more about it!
— Petra Kela, Reiki Master

First Degree Reiki Training (Reiki 1) 10 CEU’s

For anyone wanting to become a Reiki practitioner. Prerequisite is one private 90min. session with Silke to connect and prepare the energetic body for the class.

  • In this course, you will learn the basics of Energy work and Reiki and an array of different tools you can use.

  • You will have the foundational understanding necessary for applying Reiki on others and self administering its healing principles through practice sessions.

  • You will receive one individual attunement to open the flow of Reiki throughout your system.

  • Learn the history of Reiki as well as the principles that govern the practice of Reiki, and both the basic and more complex philosophies concerning the body’s energy and how it impacts the healing process.

  • Learn the Takata Hand positions and Japanese techniques and how to balance the Chakras and the Auric layers.

  • Guided Meditations and Manifestation techniques.

You will receive an email with more class info one week prior to class.
Tuition includes class manual and certification.  
The session fee prior to class is not included in the class tuition.


Second Degree Reiki (Reiki 2) 11 CEU’s

for anyone that has been a Reiki 1 Practitioner for at least 3 months. Prerequisite is one private 90min. session with Silke if you have not received your Reiki 1 attunement through Silke, or one private 60min. session otherwise.

This class follows Reiki 1 and includes:

  • Individual attunements to the 3 Reiki II symbols and how to use them

  • 2 different applications for one of the symbols not commonly taught in the US.

  • Painting the symbols and working with them creatively.

  • How to apply the Reiki symbols in daily life.

  • How to cleanse yourself, others, places and objects energetically.

  • Using Reiki to heal unwanted habits, helping with studying and for tests.

  • Healing others long distance, past events and setting space for future events.

  • Resolving energetic contracts and cutting cords.

  • Meditations and creatively working with the symbols.


You will receive an email with more class info one week prior to class.
Tuition includes class manual and certification.
The session fee prior to class is not included in the class tuition.


Advanced Reiki Training (ART)/Reiki Master 14 CEU’s

For anyone that has been a Reiki 2 Therapist for at least 6 months. Prerequisite is one private 90min. session with Silke if you have not received your previous attunements through Silke, or one private 60min. session otherwise.

This class follows Reiki 2 and includes:

  • Individual healings, clearing and protection.One individual Usui Master attunement which harmonizes your system with the Master Symbol and how to use it in healings.

  • How to use the Usui Master Symbol in combination with the other Reiki symbols.

  • Painting the symbol and working with all the symbols creatively.

  • Using the Master Symbol with a Crystal Grid.

  • Lotus Mudra and other Meditations.

  • Clearing contracts and agreements, manifeststion techniques and moving through life with intention.

You will receive an email with more class info one week prior to class.
Tuition includes class manual and certification.
The session fee prior to class is not included in the class tuition.


Payments are non refundable (unless class is canceled) but may be transfered. You will receive an e-mail with class material one week prior to class and be included in a private facebook group for your class. After completing the class you will be added to our private Reiki community facebook group and become part of the Reiki circle and Reiki exchanges.

I have taken Reiki one classes four times with four different teachers. I took it for the fifth time with Silke Tyler. Wow!!!! What an amazing and transformative experience! The information is thorough and well structured. What impressed me the most is how dynamic the class is. There is never a dull moment! It was layered with healing modalities of crystal healing, flower essence, essential oils and discussions of what chakras are and how to maintain their natural balance. Silke does not just teach Reiki, she guides you through a journey of self awareness and empowerment! She teaches the art of self healing! It was such an honor to take this class! It has given me tools that I can use for a lifetime! Silke is well informed and fully present with you throughout your entire experience, offering insights and tools to help you on your individual journey. Providing guidance for deeper awareness and more meaningful self-care! I highly recommend Silke’s Reiki classes and reiki sessions, and I look forward to continuing my energy courses and healing with her!
— Lindy Leeper, Lmt

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