About Resin Incense

Resin incense have been a part of worship in spiritual traditions in churches, temples, ashrams and mosques since antiquity.
They are used in combination with a charcoal disc in a burner or on a bed of sand in a bowl made out of stoneware, brass, bronze.

1.Items needed:
Charcoal Tablets (for burning resins)
6" Pom Tongs

2 & 3. Use tongs to pick up your charcoal and light it.  A candle is ideal for this, as it takes a minute to get your charcoal started. Angle the charcoal to the side.

4. Once started it will crackle.
Hold it with the tongs for a moment and then. . .

5. Set the tablet on your chosen burner/bowl on a bed of sand.

6 & 7. Once the charcoal is stops crackling and the edges are gray is the time to add your resins.

8. Place your incense into the indentation on the top. It only takes a few pieces at a time.

9. Enjoy!
Keep adding small amounts of resins as needed.
A little goes a long way.
Your charcoal may continue to burn for up to two hours after lighting.

I also like to use a big bowl that can be used consistently.

Pictured is:
Lourdes Gold
Frankincense blend (Black & Golden), flavored with essential oils, offset with Styrax.
Feminine, sweet with floral notes.Goddess Fragrance.

Imported from Germany and available at Holistic Health Center.

For my journey behind Lourdes Gold click here.

for more info contact silke@silkesart.com