In Home Energy Work is available to Established clients only

Complete Home Energy setting

4 hours $590

  Includes individual assessment, energy clearing, feng shui, and space blessing.         


New home blessing

2 hours $310

Purifying, enhancing and blessing your new space.


General home clearing

2 hours $310

Assessing, purifying and enhancing your existing space.


Feng Shui

2 hours $310

Setting and enhancing your space for optimum flow of chi.


Spirit and Entity Release

2 hours $360

Assessing the energies in your home. Energetically clearing stagnant or trapped energy and if required, guide Spirits and Entities home.




Additional information:

Prices include travel within a 30 mile radius of area code 37191. A travel fee applies to any session greater than 30 miles outside of area code at $1.50 per mile round trip.
 Maximum travel of 80 miles.

Please contact Silke for more details. These services are only available for established clients.

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