Long Distance Zoom call sessions:

First time:

initial 90 minute session $290

Includes your personal questionnaire, Numerology assessment of your birth date and a guided healing session via Zoom video call. During this initial session we will formulate your unique plan for your path of healing, transforming and expanding, to create the life you want.

 Special Packages

Well being session bundle $600

This includes three 60 minute continued well being sessions via Zoom video call. These sessions are meant to maintain your level of wellness and restore balance in your life. This bundle focuses more on maintaining well being and less on transformation, and certain modalities may not be covered in this bundle.

Transform session bundle $1400

This is for you if you are ready to shift your life into well being through a series of 5 deep dive sessions via Zoom video call. This transform pack includes 5x 90-minute sessions within a 3-month time span.

Designed to fast track your healing, together we will map out the areas you want to heal and the goal you want to achieve for your wellness and your life.

Each 90-minute session will then build upon the next to reach your desired outcome through our work together.

The healing modalities for this bundle will be customized to your needs and can include any of the Healing Modalities I offer, as well as Hypnotherapy. Soul Retrieval, Spirit & Entity Release, and Divine Intervention.

Private mentorship (for one year)

Per application only. Please contact me, if you are interested in a year-long private tutoring mentorship with me.

Together we form your journey from where you are today and where you want to be.
Through your Energy Healing sessions we build your bridge for you to reach your goal!
— Silke Tyler
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My experiences with Silke have been unexplainably healing.
Not only in the spiritual aspect but in all areas of my life.
I was in search for healing but didn’t know where to begin until she unexpected helped me.
I am forever grateful to Silke for guiding me on my journey of healing.
— Adia Moreno
I wanted to share my amazing experience from last night’s remote healing session. A calming feeling filled me when you connected and I felt a warm and comforting feeling from head to toe. Within a few minutes I fell fast asleep and slept soundly for five solid hours. That is a miracle in it’s self. I appreciate you sharing your beautiful gifts with me. Sending love and gratitude your way!
— Bilinda Rountree

Silke’s long-distance healing sessions have truly been life-saving to my daughter and me!

After years of health struggles, both mentally and physically, my friend recommended that I contact Silke. Through Silke’s gifts for healing Energetically, we were helped immensely.

One of my daughter’s diagnoses was Scoliosis. She had a very defined curve in her spine that even years of traditional therapy and chiropractic care had not changed. As we worked with her long-distance, Silke discovered the Energetic issue, removed it, and we felt the healing!

Since then, X-rays have revealed that the spine has straightened and the Scoliosis is gone!

Since then, X-rays have revealed that the spine has straightened and the Scoliosis is gone!
— Margee Bryan Miller

Silke has also helped to clear and cleanse the Energies in our home. During each session with her, we feel Silke’s powerful ability to help us with Energy even though we are not physically in the same space, and we are forever grateful that she can share her gifts with us in this way!

~ Margee Bryan Miller


My sister introduced to me Silke in January of this year....my world had been turned upside with tragedy. I didn't know how to process and work through all the emotions that were consuming my thoughts and actions on a daily basis.

When Silke shared her many Energy Healing gifts with myself and our family through long-distance sessions, things quickly and permanently improved.

This was all new to me, and during our very first long-distance Zoom session on the Video call with Silke, while sitting in my car on the phone it felt like she was right there with me. I could feel energy and light moving throughout my whole body, I felt pain leave, and areas that needed it, being healed.

I have always been told that I was just too sensitive and a very emotional person. Through working with Silke, I finally understood for the first time what my intuitions and feelings meant.

WOW - through Silke’s guidance, I realized that I can feel the negative and heavy energy in an object or a room. She gave me the tools to change the energy - letting the light in!

My in-person session was so powerful and emotional as we had experienced so much together long distance.
— Bilinda Rountree

Silke has always made time to schedule long-distance appointments for myself and our family. She has made a huge difference with my own healing and provided me with helpful advice.The sessions with Silke have permanently empowered me to be able to work on myself, and given me the ability to help my family with their healing. I can now surround myself and my loved ones with golden light and create a protective space and so much more.

Silke helped me live my daily affirmation. "I accept myself as I am and life as it is. Light has power over darkness."

October of this year I had the opportunity to meet her in person when I traveled all the way from Florida to take her Reiki 1 class.

My in-person session was so powerful and emotional as we had experienced so much together long distance. I am forever grateful for what Silke teaches and how she empowers others.
Whatever I have tried to say in this letter would be an understatement for my gratitude and appreciation for Silke!

~ Bilinda Rountree