The Deep Immersion Program is designed to be a small-group environment to make the best use of your time and mine. For the maximum benefit to YOU in your growth, a level of deep commitment and focused energy is needed from each participant. Therefore, space is limited, and you have to apply, by filling out this survey to be accepted.

This survey will also assist me in getting to know you, and how I can support and guide you the best during the 3 months of deep immersion.

At the end of the survey, you’ll be able to make a 'refundable payment’ for the Awaken Deep Immersion option. Once I review the application, if you’re not the right fit, or the course is already filled, I’ll refund your deposit, and you’ll still be able to join the Awaken Your Life course and receive any sign-up bonuses you are entitled to.

But if you are the right fit for the Awaken Deep Immersion- you’re in!

Please answer the following questions, and after you submit your survey you will immediately be taken to a window with a link to purchase the course.

I am deeply committed to working on myself to achieve shifts
I am fully ready to give myself the time and space required for my own self-care
I am able to make time for my 1:1 Zoom call with Silke sometime between January 14th and February 4th 2019 (a calendar link to schedule your session will be posted in the Deep Immersion course in January)
I am able to attend at least 3 out of the 4 Group Zoom calls, and I will mark my calendar now. (All calls will be held in the year 2019 on a Thursday at 7pm CST, on January 10, January 31, February 21, & March 14 and links will be posted in your Deep immersion course)
I am willing to try my best to make time for a bonus 60-minute group celebration call with Silke, on April 11, 7pm CST, to celebrate with my other Awakened Manifestors upon course completion!
I am committed to completing each module within the 2-week timeframe so I can contribute purposefully to the Group Zoom calls
I am willing to show up to Group calls prepared with questions to ask, and willing to share what is coming up for me
I am able to be open minded, consistently show compassion toward, and hold space for, others through their process
In addition to Awaken Deep Immersion I am also offering a year-long 1:1 Mentorship Program to a few selected people. This is a teaching/coaching mentorship individually designed for you. Some of the teaching sessions are in person, and can be combined to accommodate travel if needed. If you are interested in being mentored by me, check the box and we will talk in more detail during our Deep Immersion 1:1 call, we will then decide if we want to commit to the mentorship together.