Shamanic Journeying


Have you ever wanted to journey into other realms?
Have you been curious about the Spirit World, or just wanted a deeper connection to your true self?

Here is a powerful opportunity for you to gain deep insights and a transformational experience through Shamanic Journeying - a way for you to access hidden dimensions, your support system in the Spirit World, and deep healing of old wounds and patterns. Open your heart, expand your mind, and let go of current limitations to gain the ability to journey beyond this, your physical, reality.

This life-altering experience will take you deep inside the states of non-ordinary consciousness where we will travel to extraordinary realms for guidance, healing, and insights, all in a safe and protected environment.

I will be your guide every step of the way on this journey and I lead from a compassionate, heart-centered place. While I set the space and align my drum beat with the rhythm of the earth, you will be able to let go of your limitations and connect to the Quantum Field of possibilities. You will learn to travel to areas within non-physical realms of reality, which opens the possibility for you to drop into a profound state of connection to your guides, angels, spirit animals, your ancestors, and loved ones who have passed on.


  • what it would be like for you to create new pathways in order for you to work through areas of your life from a much higher level.

  • if you could be empowered through these journeys and connect to your guidance system more fully.

  • if you could expand your heart capacity to a higher level of compassion and courage.

    All of this is our natural birthright; we just have not been taught about this innate ability in our society.

Shamanic Journeying returns us back to our roots and our true connection to ourselves and the worlds around us. It is an awakening to the incredible expansiveness around us that we can then fully embody to truly enrich our lives. This is your chance to return home to your true nature and live from a point of complete expanded awareness.


Are you ready to take this journey with me and others?

I have studied and practiced Shamanism for over 10 years. It has expanded my view of what is real and what is possible beyond any physical limitations, and I look forward to assisting you in a safe and supportive heart-centered space to experience the same. I do want to let you know that Shamanic Journeying is a life-altering, deeply transcendental experience. It will show you the patterns that no longer serve you as well as your limitations, and it will offer deep transformation and healing for you.

To benefit from this course, you must be ready to let go and be willing to open up to new possibilities. If your heart says ‘yes’ to this and is ready to take this leap, then I am here to assist you and want to welcome you to this exploration!

All you need is a yoga mat, pillow, and blanket, the rest will be provided for you!

With Love,



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At this time, I am opening this class as a small-group setting to my clients, students, their friends, as well as members of my Silke’s Art community.


If you have not taken any classes or worked with me personally, please contact me via email before signing up.


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