Spiritual Classes

In person spiritual classes and workshops with Silke Tyler for your personal and professional growth, transformation and healing. Learn profound spiritual tools to apply in all aspects of your life.

Reiki training, All levels

Learn the healing Art of Reiki through all the levels with Usui Reiki Master/Teacher Silke Tyler. Reiki means Universal Life Energy and the attunements which are part of the classes serve in opening channels for this energy to flow freely and raising vibrational states.

Archangels of the elements

The attunements to the four Archangels of the Elements in this class are like a speed dial to their energies. You will learn powerful and in depth ways to access the high frequencies of the Archangels and how to apply them in daily life situations. This class is life changing.

Chakra immersion

In this in depth and interactive workshop you will experience many tools to work with your Chakras. Gain a clear understanding of your energy centers and the different tools you can use to enhance and balance them. You will create your own Chakra cards receive a 7 Chakra crystal set and Bach Flower Essence mix.


Shamanic Journeying, The Journey begins

Have you ever wanted to journey into other realms?
Have you been curious about the Spirit World, or just wanted a deeper connection to your true self?

Here is a powerful opportunity for you to gain deep insights and a transformational experience through Shamanic Journeying - a way for you to access hidden dimensions, your support system in the Spirit World, and deep healing of old wounds and patterns. Open your heart, expand your mind, and let go of current limitations to gain the ability to journey beyond this, your physical, reality.


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