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your spiritual Space to

Heal • Learn • Create •Transform

to reach

your own potential

Together we enter a space of grace,
a moment
where ordinary reality ceases to exist,
where we are linked to the divine heart
and miracles can happen.
— Silke Tyler


Silke is the most gifted healer.
She is compassionate and very skilled.
We have seen more improvement with being treated by Silke
than by years of treatment with medical specialists.
I highly recommend Silke!
— Robin Watler
I am forever grateful for what Silke teaches and how she empowers others,
and whatever I have tried to say would be an understatement for my gratitude and appreciation for Silke.
— Bilinda Rountree

Spiritual Classes & Courses


I’m so glad I found you over a year ago and signed up and took your Reiki 1 class then. It was truly my best decision ever for my self-care step in life.
Definitely worth it.
Working with you has made such a big difference in my life.
— ~Karen Felker Williams

Energy Healing sessions

My sessions have been amazing, healing, and eye opening on many levels.
— Kelly Loy
I immediately started with Silke through long-distance healing sessions, and eventually joined Beauty Flourishing. I’d finally connected with someone who’d be able to hold space for me in the way I needed and knew that she would be a tremendous resource and guide.

Today, I feel empowered to unapologetically create a life that fits my soul’s wants and needs.
— Britt Pearson

Events Calendar

For in-person spiritual classes and online events