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In person spiritual events and retreats with Silke Tyler for your personal transformation, healing and enlightenment.

Take your journey of awakening to your soul's purpose to new levels.

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Energy Healing Gathering

Experience and learn about Energy Healing and Meditation.

Each gathering is unique and based on the group energy. This is a free flow evening with a unique guided meditation for each event, designed to uplift, inspire and transcend ordinary reality. Experience alterend states of consciousness and heightened awareness.

Please bring your own yoga mat, blanket, pillow and food for a vegetarian/vegan potluck.
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Shamanic Journeying

In a Shamanic Journeying session, the individual journeys to inner and outer realms by the shifting of his/her awareness. In Shamanic tradition, one can access three planes of consciousness: the Upper, Middle, and Lower Worlds. As the participants prepare to journey, the slow rhythmic beating of a drum is used to influence the frequency in the room and facilitate an altered state of consciousness. The slow repetition of the beating drum grounds and aligns us with the energy of the earth and shifts our consciousness so that we can journey. It settles us down and soothes us into a state of calmness.

Accessing these realms and therefore our own intuitive gifts is our natural birthright. We just have not been taught about this innate ability in our society.

Shamanic Journeying returns us back to our roots and our true connection to ourselves and the worlds around us. It is an awakening to the incredible expansiveness around us that we can then fully embody to truly enrich our lives. It gives us the chance to return home to our true nature and live from a point of complete expanded awareness because the archetypal worlds we experience when journeying are inherent in the collective unconscious, the morphic field of humanity.

This life-altering experience has the potential to take you deep inside the states of non-ordinary consciousness where you will travel to extraordinary realms for guidance, healing, and insights, all in a safe and protected environment.

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Harvest Moon Youthing Ceremony

Harvest Moon Youthing Ceremony

There is one single night of the year where the energies of the moon meet
with the energies of the earth in such a way that energetic and physical
“youthing” can occur.

From the heart of Africa, this ancient and sacred ritual has been passed on from teacher to student and revealed to turn back the clock of aging.

This ceremony happens only on the Harvest Moon every year, where we create a bonfire and you will learn the mantra and ritual of this tradition.

This ceremony is by invitation only for students and clients of Silke.


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