Silke is absolutely amazing!
She can break down energy healing on scientific level so even the most skeptical person can relate.
She has helped me to have the knowledge to open doors I didn’t know existed.
If you want a life changing opportunity go see Silke.
— Krystal McNally

To get us started:

schedule a complimentary 15min. Discovery Zoom Call with me to see if we are a good fit, and how i can best assist you.

Energy Healing

First time:

initial 90 minute session

Includes your personal questionnaire, Numerology assessment of your birth date and a healing session. During this initial session we will formulate your unique plan for your path of healing, transforming and expanding, to create the life you want.

Please see "What to expect from your in person healing session" on this page for more details.

Transform session bundle

This is for you if you are ready to shift your life into well being through a series of 5 deep dive sessions. This transform pack includes 5x 90-minute sessions within a 2 to 3-month time span.

Designed to fast track your healing, together we will map out the areas you want to heal and the goal you want to achieve for your wellness and your life.

Each 90-minute session will then build upon the next to reach your desired outcome through our work together.

The healing modalities for this bundle will be customized to your needs and can include any of the Healing Modalities I offer, as well as Hypnotherapy. Soul Retrieval, Spirit & Entity Release, and Divine Intervention.

Private mentorship

Per application only. Contact me, if you are interested in a year-long private tutoring mentorship with me.

Silke has resolved medical issues that we have been struggling with for years and have seen many specialists for.
She is the most compassionate, amazing healer.
I cannot express in words the gratitude we have for her and what she has done for our family.
— Robin Watler

The healing space for your in-person sessions

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Silke is such a wonderful soul that I’m blessed to have received work from.
What she does amazes me every time I see her.
If you ever have a chance to get anything done by her do not pass it up!
— Amber Martin

What to expect from your in person healing session

Your first session will be 90 minutes which allows more time for your history and treatment and includes your Soul Path Numerology reading of your birth date and how it relates to your life and your potential.

 At the beginning of your session you will fill out a short questionnaire. This helps me to get to know you and how I can assist you best. Each session is then uniquely tailored to your individual needs for maximum healing and transformation.

Once we complete your assessment and your Numerology reading we begin with standing up first.

I will start by feeling your vibrational field and work on balancing it and any physical, mental, and emotional issues I notice.  For this I use sound healing and a re-patterning of your energy field, where profound shifts can occur through introducing your body to a new impulse for healing, and by releasing old patterns and blocks. As I work in the Quantum Field of possibilities, I am only the conduit for Source Energy, as your field recognizes this new information and knows how to heal itself.

This is followed by the deep relaxation healing, during which you will be laying down on the massage table fully clothed while I continue working with your field by incorporating several healing modalities like Reiki, Angel Therapy and Shamanic Healing as well as the use of Crystals and balancing your Chakras.

This will induce a state of relaxation for you and you may even drift off to sleep. You and I may also communicate about any feelings or impressions that arise, but for the most part it will be a quiet time.

Generally people feel rejuvenated and a sense of peace and lightness as part of the energetic shift and release that naturally occurs during the session, which will usually last up to several weeks or longer.

Deep and long-term healing and recovery from illness associated with continuous Energy Healing sessions are a common occurrence as part of regular treatments.

After your initial session we will formulate a plan for your personal journey into wellness and thriving.

Healing Modalities which may be part of your treatment


My first in-person energy healing session was amazing. It was life-changing and at the same time very beautiful and simple. I felt at home and very comfortable and supported; I immediately trusted Silke and the whole process. During the session, things were happening and passing very quickly. I have never experienced anything like it. Immediately afterward, I felt calmer than I have in some time and then very, very relieved - like I knew that things were going to be okay in my life.

Afterward, I felt better than I had in months. I was calmer and less stressed in daily life situations. I did not feel quite so bothered by some of the difficulties I was experiencing.

I am continually surprised and impressed. Just this week, Silke was able to release physical muscular tension that I have been experiencing for weeks. She is also able to help me make connections about my life, thoughts, patterns, and tendencies, as well as help me accept different aspects of myself and others. I always feel very supported. I feel that I can safely share my experiences and concerns with Silke 100% without judgment. It has been a true gift!

Physically, emotionally, intellectually...I am growing.

Working with Silke has helped to empower me to be in this world as myself, really as myself, and to learn to stand in my own truth and to be kind to myself (and others!) as I go along and learn.
— Kathy Lenze