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A collection of stories

of Energy Healing


The first two stories are from my friend Sharon. We hadn't been in touch much prior to me contacting her about possibly sharing her healing journey with me. She said she would be happy to write down her experiences. I had no idea about the depth of her stories until I received them in writing. I want to acknowledge the strength and perseverance Sharon has had to heal herself.

Her stories are followed by writings from the most wonderful people who I have the honor of connecting with in this journey through life. I cannot even begin to express the gratitude I feel for everyone, who equally touches my life as well.

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Healing from near death

This one was incredibly difficult to write. It is long but I think people need to know the context to understand the immensity of what you were able to do for me:
In November, 2008 I died. I aspirated on the operating table and was in a coma for two weeks. During this time the doctors chose not to read an MRI requested by my family. So no one knew that acid was eating my pancreas and slowly destroying every major organ in my abdomen. Finally a wonderful surgeon at Vanderbilt managed to save my life but my prognosis was not good. If I did survive, a normal life for me was out of the question.
I wanted to die. I prayed daily to die. But God chose to not answer my prayer.

After three months in the hospital and weekly readmissions, nine months into this illness, I finally saw what this was doing to my family and friends. I decided if God would not let me die, I had to decide to live. So I did. Silke must have known this intuitively because she called me a few days later and asked to visit. Without me verbalizing my shift in thinking, she asked me, “You’ve decided to live haven’t you?”  I nodded yes. “Then I’m ready to help.” She offered to do several sessions with me, to call back parts of my spirit. Your spirit may actually splinter during times of intense trauma. Of course I accepted her help. She came weekly for over a month. After the second session, I knew I was going to get my life back. Despite my doctor’s prediction, I returned to work without a wheelchair or any major disability one year after my journey into hell began. Even my disability insurance representative had told me I would never be able to work again. He said, “Honey, I’ve seen your medical records.”
 It is difficult to explain how this “stuff” works. Bottom line, you don’t have to understand it. You just have to accept that it works and leave your ego at the door. Silke can do the rest.

Thank you, Silke, from the bottom of my heart. My family thanks you, too.

- Sharon Riley Tanner

Bottom line, you don’t have to understand it. You just have to accept that it works and leave your ego at the door. Silke can do the rest.
— sharon riley tanner

returning to the light

My mother passed away in 2012. I had a very troubled relationship with her.  I felt she hated me and wanted to punish me, for what I never knew. A few months after her death, it was clear that she had not passed over. The punishment continued. I would trip unexpectedly. Things would fall off the counter when I wasn’t even in the room! So, I called Silke. After working with me for a while Silke asked, “Does your mother believe in hell?” “Yes,” I replied. “Ah, that explains it,” she said. “She is afraid to cross over. She is afraid that she will be punished for the things she did to you. I’m going to surround her with angels and have them escort her into the light.” During the session we transformed my mother’s fears and my hurt feelings into love and my mother was able to peacafully go home. I could literally feel some darkness leave my energy field! As my mother entered the light, I felt the light. All of the “accidents” around my house have stopped. Peace now reigns in my home. Thank you Silke.

- Sharon Riley Tanner

I could literally feel some darkness leave my energy field! As my mother entered the light, I felt the light.
— sharon riley tanner

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Robin and Andrew's journey

Silke has helped my son Andrew heal more than any medical Doctor.  My son has had medical issues since birth.  They worsened for him year by year.  He was suffering from autoimmune disease and infections that were attacking his brain and body.  We took him to many specialists throughout the country who helped some, but he was still struggling horribly.  We were then lead to Silke.  Silke is a very gifted Healer and we are so grateful for her!  From working with Silke Andrew is now the person he is meant to be.  He is clear headed, thoughtful and kind.  He is now writing (his illness had prevented him from being able to physically write), he has the strength to play outside, he is now the proper weight and height for his age, he is able to focus on school work, he is much more confident, and many physical symptoms are resolving.  He also now understands why he got so sick and what his purpose is here on Earth which is so very valuable!  

I am healing from illness myself and in just one session Silke helped my energy levels significantly.  She also was able to greatly reduce pain that I have had for years.  She helped my circulation as well.  It was the icing on the cake that I also felt lighter, less stressed and depressed after just one session!  I highly recommend Silke!  

-Robin and Andrew Watler

Andrew is now the person he is meant to be. 
— Robin Watler

And the angels came

I cannot say enough about my experiences with Energy Healing and with Silke. I have had multiple Healing and Hypnosis sessions with Silke and have always walked away feeling better. I have been a sufferer of a condition called Ulcerative Colitis since 2014 and I have taken many different medical approaches prior to the healing sessions.
While on a retreat with Silke and other wonderful ladies I came down with extreme nausea and a migraine. Because of the spiritual nature of the retreat conventional medicine was not available.
Silke offered her assistance and felt drawn outside to allow the negative toxins to be released. Silke called in the Archangels and we could feel the energy shift in the air and the sky around us, and in the most profound moment of healing I felt as if an intense weight was lifted off of me.
When my session felt complete we invited everyone to join us in the area where the healing had taken place and everyone present could feel and see the Angelic presence as well.
The following week I noticed all the symptoms, that even my Ulcerative Colitis medicine did not fully remove, disappear.
While I still take my medicine, the side effects have not appeared and the Ulcerative Colitis symptoms that I usually deal with daily even while on my medication have completely gone away. The medicine that I am on can cause liver and kidney problems, and after recent blood test neither of those have presented themselves in me.

-Rebecca Perantoni

For a video on this story told by Rebecca with pictures from the event, click here.

The following week I noticed all the symptoms, that even my medicine did not fully remove, disappear.
— Rebecca Perantoni
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Silke's Art-4642.jpg

Shifting Anxiety

I just have to tell you, Silke, once again how amazing you are! How amazing Reiki is! How it's changed my life in so many ways already! I have had anxiety since I was 16, sometimes debilitating....and definitely got in between my husband and myself at times. Well, Silke and I did a little "color play" in my last Reiki session to transform my anxiety into something good and positive for myself. I left that day feeling good but up until last night I had not "tested" it out. Well, I had a major trigger last night with my husband that would have resulted in a major attack and let's just say I am astounded! Nothing! I mean not even a hint of anxiety! My husband was so excited and said my mood hasn't been that good (in that particular situation) ever. I am so thankful to Silke for showing me Reiki and sharing this wonderful gift! I am like a dry sponge just waiting to absorb all I can so I too can help others! Bless you friend!

- Kelly Loy

I am astounded! Nothing! I mean not even a hint of anxiety!
— Kelly Loy

Healing long distance

My sister introduced to me Silke in January of this world had been turned upside with tragedy. I didn't know how to process and work through all the emotions that were consuming my thoughts and actions on a daily basis. When Silke shared her many Energy Healing gifts with myself and our family through long-distance sessions, things quickly and permanently improved.

This was all new to me, and during our very first long-distance Zoom session on the Video call with Silke, while sitting in my car on the phone it felt like she was right there with me. I could feel energy and light moving throughout my whole body, I felt pain leave, and areas that needed it, being healed.

Silke helped me live my daily affirmation:
I accept myself as I am and life as it is. Light has power over darkness.
— Bilinda Rountree

I have always been told that I was just too sensitive and a very emotional person. Through working with Silke, I finally understood for the first time what my intuitions and feelings meant. WOW - through Silke’s guidance, I realized that I can feel the negative and heavy energy in an object or a room. She gave me the tools to change the energy - letting the light in!

Silke has always made time to schedule long-distance appointments for myself and our family. She has made a huge difference with my own healing and provided me with helpful advice. The sessions with Silke have permanently empowered me to be able to work on myself, and given me the ability to help my family with their healing. I can now surround myself and my loved ones with golden light and create a protective space and so much more.

October of this year I had the opportunity to meet her in person when I traveled all the way from Florida to take her Reiki 1 class.
My in-person session was so powerful and emotional as we had experienced so much together long distance. I am forever grateful for what Silke teaches and how she empowers others.
Whatever I have tried to say in this letter would be an understatement for my gratitude and appreciation for Silke!

~ Bilinda Rountree

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A path of Empowerment

I had recently experienced a great deal of change all at once in my life - big changes. This included a new job, a new home in a new state, and new living arrangements. It left me feeling sad, confused, fearful, doubtful, second-guessing, and angry. I felt adrift, unmoored, and in need of support.

I was looking for some different support mechanisms here, locally, and as I was Googling this, I found Silke. In general, my approach is to be very cautious, so I was really reading about everyone I came across during my search. After reading Silke’s site, reviews, and the Facebook page, my gut - really my third eye ;) - told me to go for it; that working with Silke was something that I really should explore.

My first in-person energy healing session was amazing. It was life-changing and at the same time very beautiful and simple. I felt at home and very comfortable and supported; I immediately trusted Silke and the whole process. During the session, things were happening and passing very quickly. I have never experienced anything like it. Immediately afterward, I felt calmer than I have in some time and then very, very relieved - like I knew that things were going to be okay in my life.

Afterward, I felt better than I had in months. I was calmer and less stressed in daily life situations. I did not feel quite so bothered by some of the difficulties I was experiencing. The experience made me hopeful that I could get “unstuck” and move out of the difficulties.

I am continually surprised and impressed. Just this week, Silke was able to release physical muscular tension that I have been experiencing for weeks. She is also able to help me make connections about my life, thoughts, patterns, and tendencies, as well as help me accept different aspects of myself and others. I always feel very supported. I feel that I can safely share my experiences and concerns with Silke 100% without judgment. It has been a true gift!

Physically, emotionally, intellectually...I am growing.

Working with Silke has helped to empower me to be in this world as myself, really as myself, and to learn to stand in my own truth and to be kind to myself (and others!) as I go along and learn.

~ Kathy Lenze

I have never experienced anything like it. Immediately afterward, I felt calmer than I have in some time and then very, very relieved - like I knew that things were going to be okay in my life.
— Kathy Lenze

The next two stories are from Karen Felker Williams, who told me that the time had come to share these stories in order to help others on their path to wholeness.


Healing from a profound loss

When I first came to Silke, I was in a state in my life where I had a lot of self-destructive behaviors and was experiencing a lot of pain that I had held in.  This was not just from the loss of my daughter, but from even farther back. I was a ‘train wreck’ by the time I got to Silke for healing and hypnotherapy sessions. Through her work with me, not just on physical ailments, but more so on emotional ailments that needed healing, Silke was able to facilitate incredible shifts.

The first session opened up a lot for me, especially in my heart, so that I could recognize and start allowing myself to start healing. That was the true beginning of my healing process, particularly the emotional aspects. Through that first healing session, it was like enough was healed during that session that I was then able to actually begin to look at my pain so that I could approach it and actually start dealing with it productively.

And each time I would come back for more sessions, there would be other specific areas we would work on. When we did the past-life regression session it was amazing. This showed me a past life where I was a spiritual leader of a group of women. Silke found a block that was actually a sealed-off area that I had placed to protect me at that time, and she helped me release it. When I came out of the hypnotherapy session, Silke noticed the change in the color and brightness of my eyes and had me look at the mirror to notice the distinct shift of empowerment that I had just brought forward with me.

I am not by any means the same person that I was two years ago before going to Silke, and I know for a fact that God and my Angels led me to her. That is something I have never questioned. The healing sessions as well as all of the classes I’ve taken with her (Reiki, Chakra, Angels, and Shamanic classes) have all done their part in getting me closer and closer to being who I was meant to be and truly finding myself, again. The gifts that Silke has shown in being the kind of healer that I had to have are what I personally needed for my healing.

Orthodox medicine has its purpose, but I knew that this wasn’t going to heal me. I know that there must still be a lot more here for me to do in my life since my Guides and Angels have led me to Silke.  I’m opening myself to what they need me to do, and I know my grandson has a big part in this as I can sense his special gifts. He’s going to need my assistance to help him navigate through all of this.

I can look back now, and see the amazing changes in how I feel and in the things that are important to me. I want to take better care of myself and I can definitely see the difference the sessions with Silke have made.  I can safely say that now I have more days that are joyful than not, and that was not always the case. I’m so thankful to Silke for sharing her gifts!


Archangel class with Silke-32-2.jpg

A message from her daughter

Having taken many classes with Silke and gone to her for in-person healing sessions, I’ve experienced many miracles. And in Silke’s Archangels of the Elements class, one of the most profound miracles transpired for me.

When I first got to the class on the first day, I actually sat closer to the opposite side of the room from where I would normally sit. But, that day, for some reason, I sat in that area and that’s when I saw the picture of Archangel Michael. That just took my breath away because that was the same face that came to me the night before as I was lying down to sleep. It came as a shadowed image that kept closing in closer and closer without me being afraid of it. It was face-to-face with me, and that picture was the SAME FACE!  It was like the angels were already connecting with me before the class...letting me know, “We know what you’re doing and we’re here.” It was a confirmation for me. That was an initial amazing experience from the start, and the picture of Archangel Michael that you printed for me is now framed and put it up in my healing room!

It was during the second day of the class that the miracle happened for me. After we were attuned to the Angels, and the energy was very high and ‘buzzing’ in the room I noticed the presence of an angel outside the window of the classroom that was emanating light and observing peacefully. Then, as we were tuning more in-depth to each angel,  Silke’s photographer, Haley, came over to show her what was on the photo she had just taken of me. As Silke sent Haley over to show me the photo, I initially thought Silke wanted me to notice the angel I’d already seen outside the window. But, there was even more revealed as she pointed out the cluster of orbs over my right shoulder in the photo. At that point, Silke had everyone pass around the camera so they could see the multiple photos that had been taken during that period of time.

Silke suggested that we could ask Angel Gabriel’s assistance as (s)he is the angel of communication so we could better understand the significance of who the orbs might represent and whether or not a spirit was trying to relay a message to anyone in the room, and me in particular, since it kept hovering around me. Interestingly, it was right around that same time, Haley noticed that the camera seemed to have locked up and she was unable to take more pictures. Haley then decided to sit down to join everyone else, and the miracle then transpired for me when she was able to relay a message from my daughter, Stephanie, who had passed in 2003 when she was 14 years old.

Since her death, there had always been a question which was probably that last little link of something that ‘haunted’ or ‘tortured’ me which I could never completely settle. It was something her mom...just wouldn’t leave, and that was the question in my mind of whether or not her passing had been quick? It was something that I just needed to know.

Without Haley knowing my inner question, this was exactly what Stephanie relayed through her - that it had been quick and that everything was ‘good’. Even though I had gone to different readers and such over the years, they would always leave it with “your daughter has a message for you, but it’s not time”. I knew that if I was to feel peace about it, I would have to hear it directly from Stephanie, and through the preparations done for the Archangels class, and the space that was held during the class, she finally came through. How much more direct can you get? It was a direct message from my daughter, and that gave me so much peace.

When I look at the pictures, now, I can see several orbs, with a bigger and smaller one which look like they are together quite well-defined near my right shoulder. Clearly one of them was Stephanie, and as I had just lost my dad quite recently before, it could have been him as the other orb. I remember feeling the orbs there on my shoulder as a warm presence. And when they moved more in the center of my back, it was almost like an electrifying tingling sensation. The other ladies in the class described the experience as the room getting cooler, but for me, where those orbs were on my back, it was a ‘loving warmth’ that I could feel. I could literally feel them moving as they moved towards the center of my back. This experience shows me that, if we just get still and quiet and really tune in, we do have the capability of accessing the energy of Angels.

The healing that I’ve experienced since then has been amazing. Out of everything I’d done up until then, the miracle in that Archangels class has been the best gift I could have ever received.
— Karen Felker Williams

The healing that I’ve experienced since then has been amazing. Out of everything I’d done up until then, the miracle in that Archangels class has been THE BEST gift I could have ever received. I even remember my daughter thanking everyone for being in that class with me and helping assist me with that because I wouldn’t have otherwise felt that I was secure and in enough of a safe setting for her to come through and give me the message.  It was definitely life-changing. I believe I was meant to be there! You just don’t know what the Angels want to give you unless you go and participate in Silke’s Archangels class. I highly recommend that anyone should do the class and I’m so grateful for Silke facilitating this.

I’ve always felt a connection with my Guides (I call them my Angels), I’ve always known they were there and called on Archangel Michael so many times in my lifetime because I’d been taught that he is our protector. Since taking the Archangels of the Elements class and being attuned to and learning about the aspects of how each Archangel assists us in our lives, the connection has really been magnified exponentially.

I now call on the Archangels to assist me and talk to them; my knowledge and faith that they ARE here has been strengthened since the class. I feel that I have a much more PERSONAL relationship with each of them, now, and  I call on Raphael a LOT for help with healing in my Reiki practice and for any healing in general. I acknowledge and am grateful for Gabriel, and I more often ask for assistance from this Angel as well as from Uriel. But Michael and Raphael are the ones I relate to regularly. And a lot of times I’ll ask my own Guides to bring whoever is needed so that I’ll be open to it.

Since my attunement to the Archangels during the class, I have experienced a much stronger bond. I know they’re phenomenal Angels, but it puts it into a much more personal relationship as having amazing personal friends...really MORE than friends. As they download to us, we upload to them, as well. It’s a constant source of knowledge going back and forth. I am forever grateful for this amazing, truly life-changing experience.

~ Karen Felker Williams